One of India's most widely recognised brands

You believe in the best, we believe in you

For over five decades, loyal customers like you have trusted, loved and endorsed the BPL brand. We are humbled to have played a pioneering role in India by introducing new technologies that were and are still relevant and beneficial for millions of consumers. Your confidence in the BPL brand has continued to inspire us to explore new frontiers since 1963. For us the emphasis has always been on providing you with world-class products that bring the best in class experiences, backed by BPL’s service support. We have worked consistently to meet the high standards of consumers like yourselves and the various industries in which we operate. We are driven by the strength of our own manufacturing prowess, R&D set-up, customer insight, market intelligence and attention to detail. But at the heart of everything we do, we want you to have the best always.

Our businesses that serve you

Today, we are poised to deliver an array of solutions geared towards enriching the lives of people in India with latest technologies, our rich experience and decades of expertise in Consumer Products, Medical Technology, Home Automation and Lighting Solutions.

Consumer Products

For over half a century, BPL has strived to bring the world of entertainment, convenience and comfort to millions of customers across India. Since the start, we have been a recognized leader in the field of electronics and technology. We were not only the No.1 Television Brand of India for many years in a row, our DVD players, washing machines, refrigerators and microwave ovens brought joy to millions of homes. With our extensive experience in the industry, we bring you a range of new consumer products that match your current lifestyle, aspirations and needs. We will always be driven by the strength of our own manufacturing prowess, R&D intellect and attention to detail to bring you the best.

Medical Technology

BPL has served the medical community for nearly fifty years. Today we are known as one of the largest and most accessible medical equipment companies of India. Since 1967, our high standards of product performance has made us the No.1 choice of hospitals, clinics and practicing physicians. We collaborate with the best brands of the world and make electrocardiographs, patient monitors, defibrillators, oxygenerators, ultrasound scanners and a host of other things in our ISO 13485 certified facilities. Our commitment to service support is reflected in our wide network of customer care centres, with over 600 service personnel, located in the farthest corners of India.

Home Automation

Last year, we became India’s first “Intelligent” Automation Company with the brand BPL iQ to provide smart solutions for automating homes, offices, board rooms and institutions. BPL iQ, Intelligent Automation Solutions, is an advanced and cutting edge wireless technology; indigenously designed, developed and manufactured in Bangalore, India by us. We employ the global standards of latest automation technologies from around the world to bring you the best solutions for your home or office. For customers like you, who are keen to get seamless integration and connectivity with electronics and home functions, along with the freedom to control and manage life better, BPL iQ could be your own “Internet of Things.”

Lighting Solutions

BPL achieved major breakthrough innovation in Rechargeable LED lighting and Lithium battery technology, followed by Solar lighting technology during the last decade. We began to deliver these alternative forms of renewable energy and solar solutions to millions of people across rural India who suffer due to the problem of darkness. Our aim was to contribute towards creating a better and inclusive environment for the people of India. Today, we are the largest manufacturer of rechargeable LED, CFL, Solar and Home lighting solutions in the country. Our in-house R&D and Quality Testing Assurance team ensures and delivers the best products to a host of satisfied customers including corporates, NGOs, microfinance institutions and individuals.

Our Milestones

Quality is inherent to us

Established in 1963 by Founder Chairman, T. P. G. Nambiar, BPL or British Physical Laboratories was set up to manufacture precision electrical instruments. In 1968, BPL built and launched India’s first indigenously manufactured ECG machine: Cardiart T108. Since then, we have not looked back. BPL continues to focus on quality in every aspect of its businessess.

“Our Company’s commitment to quality has prevailed because we believe you deserve nothing but the best.”

TPG Nambiar