About Us
At BPL we believe in making meaningful additions to our consumers’ lives. Since 1963, we have been on a quest to understand consumers’ needs which in turn have influenced our product design.

Our vast range of over 200 large and small electronics – including Television sets, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Fans, Lighting, Audio, Accessories, Personal Care, Kitchen & Home Appliances – exudes impeccable quality and thoughtful features.
Conceptualizing little yet impactful innovations in product design has always been of great significance to us because we believe this is the key to a satisfied consumer. This never-ending journey of perfecting the art of engineering products that are consumer-friendly is what we wish to be known for.

BPL has, through the decades, become India’s beloved electronics brand. We aim at designing premium and reliable products that seamlessly blend into the daily routine of our consumers making their everyday lives easier and happier.