BPL 1.6L 1800W Electric Kettle BEKPS00616 Ocean Blue

BPL 1.6L 1800W Electric Kettle BEKPS00616 Ocean Blue

  • 1800 Watts Cordless Kettle
  • 1.6L SS with Cool Touch Body
  • Seamless Bottom
  • Detachable Lid
  • Dry boil protection
  • Auto cut-off
  • LED Light
  • Automatic Shutoff After Boiling

Prominent Features

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100% hassle-free cleaning

100% detachable lid design lets you easily access the interior for hassle-free cleaning. Say goodbye to the days of struggling with tight spaces and unreachable corners!

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Know if its ready with a glace

With the blue LED indicator light, you can now easily monitor the boiling progress and know when your water is ready

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Clean and hygienic water/ It boils down to health

Plus, you can have peace of mind knowing that the Food grade 304 Stainless Steel inner body ensures that there is no water contact with plastic parts, giving you clean and safe water every time

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Safety for little ones

Designed with safety in mind, the double wall and cool touch feature protects both you and your little ones from burns

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No water. No function

You can now enjoy a hot cup of tea without worrying about accidents in the kitchen. The boil dry protection feature also ensures that the kettle automatically shuts off when the water level is too low, preventing accidents and damage to the heating element

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Auto shut off. Auto peace

With the automatic shutoff after boiling, you can save energy and have peace of mind knowing that the kettle is safely turned off

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360 degree of convenience/freedom

Enjoy maximum convenience with the 360-degree swivel base and 360° rotation cordless kettle that lets you easily use and store the kettle in any position

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Technical Specifications

  • Power Consumption


  • Model


  • Capacity

    1.6 litres

  • Material

    304 Stainless Steel Body

  • Overheat Protection


  • Power Supply


  • Outer Material

    Cool touch Matte finish Plastic

  • Inner Material

    Food Grade Stainless Steel Body

  • Indicators

    Blue LED Heating Indicator

  • Automatic Switch Off


  • Cordless Operation


  • Heating Element


  • Dry Boil Protection