BPL 20 Watts Emergency Regular Batten, BN20EM0B-CDL-491902829-B

BPL 20 Watts Emergency Regular Batten, BN20EM0B-CDL-491902829-B

  • Diffused Light Effect
  • LED Integrated
  • Bulb Life: 25000 hours
  • Material: Polycarbonate

BPL Power-Up 20W LED Batten

The 20W LED batten by BPL will fit in with your decor seamlessly. It is a slim and linear LED batten suitable for your everyday use and adds a sleek look to your space.

Power-up LED batten stays lit even during power cuts.

BPL LED battens are sleek and slim that work up to 3 hours without electricity and compliment your house decor.

Power-up 20W LED Batten with Auto charge technology

The LED batten charges automatically when the power is back after a power outage.

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Get a perfect lighting solution with a long lamp life

With a lifetime of 15000 hrs, you won’t have to change the light battens frequently. It is suitable for your home, office, and other work areas because it stays lit even during power failures. .

Key Features

  • Lamp Life

    The LED batten has a life of up to 15000 hours.

  • Works Without Electricity

    LED battens stay lit for 3 hours during power failures.

  • Auto Charges

    The power-up batten automatically charges after the electricity is back.

Technical Specifications

  • Lumen Rating

    2000 Lumens

  • Material


  • Model


  • Bulb Life

    25000 hours

  • Diffused Light Effect


  • Product Type

    Regular Batten

  • LED integrated


  • Watts

    20 Watts