BPL 20 Watts Regular LED Batten, BN20RG0A-CDL-491902794-B

BPL 20 Watts Regular LED Batten, BN20RG0A-CDL-491902794-B

  • Diffused Light Effect
  • LED Integrated
  • Bulb Life: 25000 hours
  • Material: Polycarbonate

BPL Eco Stick 20W LED Batten

The 20W Ecostick LED Batten with an energy-efficient lighting system lights up your home spectacularly with a wider reach.

2OW LED Battens has wide light spread

These LED Battens have a wide reach and ensure that every corner of your space is lit up!

2OW LED Batten has a long lamp life.

You don’t have to worry about changing your lighting system frequently because BPL 20W LED Batten has 25000 hours of lamp life.

Key Features

  • Lamp Life

    The LED Battens have a life of up to 25000 hours.

  • Perfect Lighting Solution

    The 20W LED Battens are well-suited with your space.

  • Wide Coverage

    The 2OW LED Eco stick efficiently lights up more area.

Technical Specifications

  • Lumen Rating

    2000 Lumens

  • Material


  • Model


  • Bulb Life

    25000 hours

  • Diffused Light Effect


  • Product Type

    Regular Batten

  • LED integrated


  • Watts

    20 Watts