BPL 7 Kg Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Promax Inverter Motor, GermKill Mode (BFW-7001MXCW)-491959417-B

BPL 7 Kg Front Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Promax Inverter Motor, GermKill Mode (BFW-7001MXCW)-491959417-B

  • Promax Inverter Motor
  • GermKill Mode
  • 16 Wash programs
  • Clean Tub
  • Pause-N-Add
  • Infant+ Mode

BPL FAFL 7 Kg Inv: T Washing Machine with Inbuilt Heater

  • The machine comes with an energy efficient special inverter motor that operates on lower vibration and noise.
  • Ensure better and tailored care for your clothing by choosing from 18 wash programs.
  • The machine treats your baby’s delicate clothes with utmost care and rinses off all additional detergent to ensure softer clothes.

Machine Capacity - 7.0 Kg

Experience intelligent washing with BPL front loading washing machine that comes with Add garment function, Clean Tub & Self Diagnosis

Pause-N-Add - Add clothes midway safely during the washing cycle with Add Garment feature. Machine makes sure to drain excess water when you choose this option and allows you to add clothes safely.

Clean Tub - The clean tub feature sterilises the tub with 90 degree Celsius hot water and cleans every corner of the machine with strong water flow

Self-Diagnosis - In case of any error in the washing machine, it displays the error codes to help the technician recognise the issue and implement corrective action.

The BPL front load washing machine is equipped with a special inverter motor to provide an efficient washing experience over a variety of aspects.

Experience an efficient and intelligent cleaning process with the inverter motor. The smart inverter motor cleans clothes with lower noise, less energy consumption, lower vibrations, and results in long life of the machine!

Choose programs specifically tailored to your load of laundry with the 18 wash programs.

Enjoy an intelligent washing experience with the 18 Wash Programs which allows you to choose a washing program that is best suited for your type of laundry.

Key Features

  • Pro Max inverter Motor

    The machine washes laundry with less noise, less energy consumption, reduced vibrations and low heat generation.

  • 18 Wash Programs

    Give extra care to your clothes by choosing suitable programs from 18 wash programs.

  • Pause-N-Add

    Select add garment function to add additional garments in the middle of the washing cycle hence reduces wastage of water & detergent.

  • Baby Care/ Allergy Care

    Select baby care wash program while washing baby clothes to avoid skin allergy

  • Clean Tub

    Machine self-cleans its drum and sterilizes tub with self-clean programs.

  • Child Lock

    This feature ensures that the washing program doesn’t get affected if children play with the machine.

  • LED Display

    The LED display notifies the actions of the machine to the user.

  • Anti Bacterial Gasket

    The doors are made of Mildew proof 0 which is an antibacterial material

  • Memory Back up

    Don’t worry about electric cut-offs; the machine will restart from where it stopped.

  • Self-Diagnosis

    The machine will automatically update you about any abnormalities it is facing.

Technical Specifications

  • Quick Wash Time


  • Washing Machine Type

    Fully Automatic

  • Rust Proof


  • Hard Water Wash


  • Capacity

    7 kg

  • Model


  • Internal Water Heater


  • Loading Type


  • Power Consumption

    1900 Watt

  • Recommended For


  • Automatic Water Control