BPL Hand Mixer BHM00135 350 W

BPL Hand Mixer BHM00135 350 W

  • 350 watts power
  • 100% copper coil
  • Food grade safe attachments that are dishwsher safe as well
  • 5 speed mode for variable RPM levels
  • Dedicated turbo and eject button
  • Robust ABS body and Non Slip Grip

Prominent Features

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Power in your hands

Robust 350W 100% Copper motor for durable, fast, and effortless operation

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Choose the speed as you need

With five different speed modes to choose from, you can tailor your mixing to any task

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Makes tough look easy

The turbo function ensures quick results for even the toughest ingredients

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Escape the hassle

Eject button allows for easy removal of the beaters or dough hooks with just one touch, saving you time and hassle

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Juice the long life

With an ABS plastic body that boasts high heat resistance, you can handle your mixer with ease and confidence, knowing that it is built to last

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Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply

    230V AC,50Hz, 1-Phase

  • Power Consumption

    350W- Rated Power

  • Cord Length

    T-1.06 meter E-1.05 Meter

  • Overload Protection


  • No. of Blades

    2 pair- Whisking and Kneeding hooks

  • Functions Supported

    Mixing, Whisking and Kneeding

  • Speed Control

    5 Speed control

  • Motor Speed

    350W,230V AC, 50Hz,1-Phase

  • Accessories Included


  • Blade Types

    Stainless Steel Blade

  • Grinder Type

    Immersion Blender